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Our services

When we undertake a partial transformation mission or a mission to restructure a company, we always aim to increase its value and make it more attractive to investors, whenever we are mandated by investors to audit the company or by the Board of Directors or the General Directorate of the company itself. In critical phases when there are serious conflicts between the parties, for example, we create work teams with representatives of all stakeholders to ensure the success of our solutions.

Examples of work we've done:

Services to States and Governments:

States and governments hold stakes in State banks or operating concessions (mining, energy) for the exploitation of national natural resources. However, government agencies do not always have a governance policy that would reinsure private investors or multilateral institutions like the IMF and the World Bank. Finance & Governance, by impeccable ethics and specialized skills, was selected during international calls for public tenders to conduct restructuring audits of public financial institutions thus addressing issues of this nature.

In addition, Finance & Governance sets up operations allowing States to accelerate the development of their natural resources, creating private equity funds backed by Governments and IFIs, allowing a more efficient use of natural mineral resources and attracting private investment by minimizing the risk.


Missions completed:

  • Economical roadmap for a transitional government during the "Arab Spring"

  • Audit of a public bank restructuring conditioning the release of loans from the IMF and the World Bank to the tune of 1.5 billion US dollars.

  • Creation of a private equity fund in the mining sector with state participation 

Investor Services:

Investors’ administrative bodies often gather varied profiles without necessarily financial expertise.

In joint or mutual organizations, representatives of various unions or members have a major political role to assume. As a result, the executive management may not find support in guidance and supervision from their administrators. These investors on financial markets with high risks should not put their policyholders (whether retired members, etc ..) at risk. The solution lies in the provision of external expertise in financial risk management, ready to deal with this specific issue. Since we understand the critical issue of political balance in the Boards for joint and mutual form, we are helping to maintain it.


Missions completed:

  • Pre-investment diligence with financial recovery scheme

  • Representation of an investor at the Board of Directors of a target company

  • Restructuring conditioning an equity financing or credit

  • Turn around restructuring of a gold mining company in Mali

  • Fundraising through a private equity structure

Advisory services to corporate officers:

The directors bear responsibility for the risk profile of their business, both for its definition (risk appetite) and for its performance (risk tolerance). However, not being involved in the daily management of the company, they are often short in terms of capacity for guidance of the executive body and are often forced to accept the policies set by the executive, without really testing them and not necessarily keeping their effects under control . Finance & Gouvernance practices and masters the specific tools to benefit the directors of the powers vested in them so that they fully exercise their mandate vis-Ă -vis shareholders, in particular by the preparation of activity reports.


Missions completed:

  • Strategic review of business portfolio based on risk / return with recommendations

  • Support for Audit Committees and Risk in the agenda-setting work and review

  • Adverse scenarios creation and impact mesures

  • Assistance in the process of rating ERM

  • Audit and improve the performance of risk management: framing, organization, processes, procedures, risk metrics