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Our team

Finance & Governance was founded by Miriam Garnier in 2009 who has surrounded herself with high-level experts, such as Gael De Pontbriand, Maurice Bellet, Henrik ImmonenAlain Marcheteau, as well as other talents, including younger consultants trained in F&G methods. Finance and Governance brings together women and men of long experience, and combines experience with innovation.

In our missions, the combination of strategic, accounting, legal, financial and economic skills deployed in the field is the key to our success. We never try to simplify reality to facilitate our work. Instead, we unload our terms of complexity we are dealing with sophisticated means required.

We are committed to this initiative founded by Henri Laborit and Edgar Morin and adhere to the Association for complex thought [APC link]. Complex thought enables transdisciplinary work on loop connections in human systems. We managed highly complex rescue of bankrupt companies, thanks to the impeccable mastery of the tools of governance, risk and strategy, accounting, finance, law, operational control.

Each year, we are producing an article of academic research in the field of evolutionary governance that we have created [see Our differentiating factor] . See our last article: "From governance to Evolutionary Evolutionary Strategies: Standing on the Edge of Chaos." (link)

Finance & Governance recruits on contracts mission. To join us, please send us your CV and cover letter at contact @ financegouvernance.com.



Miriam Garnier

Miriam Garnier has spent 25 years in banking and investments, and 9 years as strategic advisor of large financial institutions, industrial or mining companies and governments and central banks.

As a banker, she has spent a large part of her career at Crédit Agricole, holding various responsibilities, from investor relations to financial affairs, risk management or relationship management. At Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, she was a member of the Executive committee of the Largest French pension fund, managing 35 bln € of assets.

She founded the Strategic Value Management practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2000 and launched her own company in 2008.

ESCP Europe, Columbia Business School, DESCF (chartered accountant) , CEDS (Center for Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy), and a  certified corporate Director (2011), Miriam Garnier has been certified by the International Finance Company (World Bank Group) as a governance specialist in 2012. She is also an academic researcher, publishing groundbreaking articles in the field of evolutionary governance and being invited as a keynote speaker at many international conferences.


Gael De Pontbriand

After 13 years in banking, in the development of relationships with large companies , Gael has acquired CEO experience in Germany, then in France, he then exploited by developing counseling. He created the consulting business for financial institutions and the corporate finance business at PricewaterhouseCoopers France between 1988 and 2007.

Gael has advised many financial institutions and central banks. His main areas of expertise are : strategy and development , including mergers / acquisitions, operational management , risk management.

He graduated from IEP Paris and an MBA from Wharton University, Pennsylvania, holds three masters in economics , business law, and science organizations.



Maurice Bellet

Maurice Bellet has the experience of 40 years of banking including over more than twenty as a bank CEO . After beginning his career at Crédit Lyonnais , he led banks including: CEO of the Bank Veuve Morin -Pons ( Dresdner Group), CEO of the Banque La Hénin until 2000. He has conducted numerous missions crisis management, leading to sales (Banque Colbert , CMP Bank) or liquidations ( Finter Bank) .

Maurice has also held consulting activities at PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance and other structures.

Maurice graduated from HEC and a Master in Public Law.



Regis De Vienne

Régis de Vienne has been practicing wealth management for fifty years. He is able to provide knowledgeable and independent advice to individuals or families who are asked to buy "products ready-to-wear" by asset managers, banks and insurance. His longevity in the field allows him to detect false good ideas and traps contained in some seemingly attractive investments. Regis began his career as a banker at Compagnie Financière de Suez.