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Our values


To create this trust, integrity is paramount. Miriam Garnier is involved in an expert panel on ethical issues (OECD), and in many roundtables on this topic (official linkage). Finance & Governance incorporates this theme in audits of organizations as requested. First of all, we consider integrity as a pillar of our business ethics. This means avoid corruption in all its forms, as well as respect partners and clients. For us, the notion of integrity, includes ethics of recommendations, which means we do not practice audits of convenience. Obviously, Finance & Governance never accepts to provide "kickbacks" on contracts.



The pursuit of excellence pushes us to go beyond standard methods, to offer innovative concepts. We can not satisfy with fashionable ideas or outdated economic theories, such as - for instance -  Markowitz portfolio theory based on assumption of market efficiency.

Finance & Governance provides continually updated methods, and publishes academic research that is presented to panels of academics and professionals from around the world. We reject the simplification, to better help our clients to manage the complexity. We encourage our employees to constantly improve their knowledge and skills.



Each organization has developed its own culture. Transformation or the introduction of changes should be made in respect of what is done by the men and women who work every day to sustain the organization. Respect is essential in a working relationship, both internally in Finance & Governance, or with customers and investors. We seek to understand the real needs of our partners, so the actions we recommend fit as smoothly as possible in the climate of organizations who entrust us with their issues.